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Introduction of PandaFarm Metaverse Game
Pandas of Panda Star(Penda) come across a scroll with mysterious powers that allow them to travel through time and learn magical skills. Pandas in Penda decided to set off for adventure. They used the power of the scroll to reach one planet after another, including beautiful planets and dark planets. They completed explorations and battles on these planets, got to know a lot of small animals, won battles with their partners and helped a lot of small animals to build their own planet paradise.
PandaFarm is calling for the world's pandas, here pandas here have a unique NFT avatar and a unique image on the entire network.Pandas can consume BAMBOOs combined with a variety of props to enjoy the PandaFarm, truly "Earn while playing". PandaFarm is a panda game platform built around the theme of pandas. All panda-themed games are built on the blockchain. Panda-Farm aims to bring blockchain into mainstream gaming by offering real-world simulation of pandas, combining the advantages of digital construction and cryptocurrency, to attract both crypto and non-crypto game lovers, as well as panda lovers.
In the future, PandaFarm players can create their own paradise in PandaFarm, summon more alien creatures to accompany the panda to play, integrate different IPs into the same world view, build their own farmland, selected by means of decentralized management farmer, the farmer custom small animal NFT can lock up BAMBOO tokens, lock the more the more income, Give the player control of the game's scene and make money from it.
Last modified 2yr ago